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GLOWʷ Challenge 2024

The GLOWʷ Challenge is more than a wine competition; it is a celebration of the talented women who contribute their artistry and passion to the wine industry. Set to take place on April 5th, 2024 in London, the GLOWʷ Challenge will bring together a discerning panel of wine professionals, led by our esteemed Masters of Wine - Cathy Van Zyl, Christy Canterbury, and Natasha Hughes, along with Maria Laura Ortiz, our Executive Director.

Our challenge invites female winemakers from around the globe to submit their creations. The panel will taste, appreciate, and critically evaluate these wines, seeking out those that reflect the harmony of craftsmanship and taste. Winning wines will be awarded Platinum, Gold, and Silver Medals, marking them as exceptional products of female talent in the wine industry.

Our mission doesn't end at recognizing exceptional wines; we aim to tell the story behind each bottle, connecting each wine with the global female community. By participating in the GLOWʷ Challenge, winemakers not only have the opportunity to receive critical acclaim but also to amplify their unique narratives and build lasting connections within the industry.

The GLOWʷ Challenge is a stepping-stone towards a more diverse and inclusive wine industry, and we invite you to join us on this exciting journey.

Empower Your Wine's Journey

Submit your wine for consideration by our esteemed panel at the prestigious Master of Wine Institute in London, with tastings set for 2nd November 2023. With a submission fee of USD150 per wine, you're granted more than a mere showcase. Every entry receives comprehensive and insightful feedback, offering a unique perspective to refine and enhance your offering. Secure this unique opportunity to elevate your wine's narrative on the global stage. Please consult the participation conditions and ensure timely delivery prior to the event.

How can I participate?

  1. 1. Download the technical sheet and fill it out

  1. 2. Complete the submit form


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